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The School

Princess Diya Kumari envisioned an institute for children which would lay stress on holistic development of a child, which would not lay over emphasis on teaching the three R's but would cater to the physical, mental, emotional and psychological growth of a child as well. Princess received full support and encouragement from her parents Late Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh ji and Maharani Padmini Devi ji and her husband Maharaj Narendra Singh ji.

The Palace School aims to create the best possible comprehensive learning center for children where they develop skills necessary for success in all areas of their lives; personal, intellectual, emotional, social and physical.

The school focuses on application based and experiential learning thereby minimizing rote learning.

At the pre-primary level the school follows the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori method allows children to return to the "inner peace" that is a natural part of their personalities while allowing them to learn through their own mistakes. The children are self motivated, confident and self disciplined.

It is the school's earnest endeavour to ensure a successful transfer from Montessori methods to the traditional main stream school for the children who enter the Primary school programme at the age of 6 plus years.

Through it's programme the school enhances the intellectual, emotional and physical well being of the students leading to their holistic development.

Sports, (skating, cricket, swimming, lawn tennis, karate etc), visual and performing arts (classical and western dance, vocal and instrumental music), yoga & gymnastics, art & craft, clay modelling, robotics, educational trips, picnics, soft adventure programs and summer camps; all foster moral values, social skills, emotional independence and interdependence while igniting the multiple intelligence of the students.

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Our broadest vision is of a world that lives in peace and harmony. To nurture the future citizens of tomorrow so that they learn to create an environment based on interdependence and respect for all life.

Our mission is to instill the following in the students of The Palace School.
  • Leadership training & co-operative teamwork skills
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • A strong secular ethos
  • Compassion towards all
  • An awareness of the environment, a questioning mind and a spirit of adventure